Dometic GO Hard Storage 50L

Portable Hard Storage 50 l

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Dometic GO Hard Storage 50L

Dometic’s PAC H50 Hard Storage lets you store essential outdoor gear in one place, making it simple to grab off the shelf or floor and slide it into your trunk and get out there.

  • Built to Last : Made from durable vertical aluminum and high-impact-resistant polymer
  • Simple to Store : Units stack on one another for easy storage and transport
  • Ergonomic Design : Built-in handles, tie down points, lock holes, and secure easy-pull latches
  • 24-Hour Gear Protection : Sturdy resilient storage protects gear from dust, water, and other element
  • กล่องเก็บของอเนกประสงค์ ขนาด 50L
  • กล่องทำจากอะลูมิเนียมคุณภาพสูง กันน้ำ กันฝุ่น
  • สามารถวางทับซ้อนกันได้ เพื่อประหยัดพื้นที่ในการเดินทาง
  • มาพร้อมมือจับ สะดวกในการเคลื่อนย้าย
  • เปิด-ปิด ได้ง่ายด้วยสลักยาง ที่มีความทนทาน
  • สามารถใช้งานร่วมกันกับ Portable Gear Storage
  • ขนาด (กxยxส)  58.63 x 30.95 x 44.63 นิ้ว
  • น้ำหนัก 9.92 lbs,4.5Kg
  • สินค้ารับประกัน 2 ปี


  • Water and dust resistant protecting your gear from the elements
  • Stackable design for easy storage and transport
  • Integrated handles, tie down points, and lock holes for security
  • Secure easy-pull latches
  • Compatible with Portable Soft Storage for additional options
  • Part of Dometic Go collection


  • Product: Portable Hard Storage 50 l
  • Dimensions product depth 586.30 mm
  • Dimensions product height 309.50 mm
  • Dimensions product width 446.30 mm
  • Net weight 4.5 kg


Whether you prefer to head out with just the essentials or overpack for nearly any possibility, rest assured your gear can be packed well and you’ll know where everything goes. Keep gear protected from dust, water, and more 24/7 with our Hard Storage. Store your gear in one place, and then simply grab it off the shelf or floor and you’ll be on your way to your next adventure. Cut the time you spend getting ready, and you’ll have more of it to enjoy outdoors


Dometic GO includes everything you need to get outside: Mobile Cooling – powered coolers and ice chests, the versatile Table that adjusts to three different heights, comfortable and communal seating with the Compact Camp Chair and the Compact Camp Bench, and Hard Storage and soft Portable Gear Storage that makes it simple to bring along all of your essential gear. The Insulated Insert also turns your Portable Gear Storage into a soft-sided cooler in seconds and the Hydration Water Faucet and Hydration Water Jug let you store and dispense the water you need without wasting a drop. The Blanket will be your go-to for ground cover and chilly campfire nights; end the day with the warmth of your Personal Camp Heater and you’ll never leave home without Dometic GO.


Dometic GO is designed with outdoor adventures in mind. Every product in our collection helps equip you to get out there faster, stay out there more comfortably, and embrace the outdoors with family and friends. Dometic GO makes the outdoors effortless with lightweight, resilient gear that fits into the back of your car to get you on the road to your next adventure. Get going, and get exploring, with Dometic GO.


You’ve got stuff, and often, that stuff multiplies. Keep your stuff organized and easy to access with our Hard Storage. Its vertical aluminum sidewalls and 50L capacity give you the most storage volume for its footprint, with enough room to see everything you have stashed. Integrated handles and secure easy-pull latches make carrying, loading, and unloading a breeze, so you’ll master your stuff instead of your stuff mastering you. Combine it with our Portable Gear Storage for even more versatility and organization options.

น้ำหนัก 4.5 kg
ขนาด 58.6 × 30.9 × 44.6 cm

(กxยxส) 58.63 x 30.95 x 44.63 นิ้ว


Hard Storage 50L


4.5 กิโลกรัม



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